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What Is Expense Management Software & Why Is It Important?

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Besides, expense management software can ensure that every employee expense is in alignment with corporate travel policy. In the previous section, we talked about the challenges the expense management software helps you fight in maintaining fool-proof employee reimbursement and reconciliation. The following consists of the benefits and how it helps overcome the challenges.

What is expense management software

Most expense management software can integrate with card programs, accounting software, and travel management systems to contain discrepancies. This helps finance teams maintain all the information under one platform. Presenting the proof of your business expenses in the form of receipts is an essential step for reporting your business expenses.

Why Should You Use An Expense Management Software?

Make a picture of a receipt, let it scan through digital technology and extract the data automatically, to decrease the unnecessary manual processes. Refers to a business process, to pay, and edit employees’ expenses. Mesh can help your business take control of spending and cut costs.

No matter what currency they spend in or you reimburse in, you’ll always get the mid-market exchange rate. Webexpenses can be connected with a number of other business tools, systems and apps. This can help you bring everything together into one streamlined What is expense management software platform, from which you can manage cash flow easily. Webexpenses doesn’t have detailed information of its pricing structure available. This is because costs can vary based on factors like business size, number of users and bundled features.

All the features are on the side-bar on the left, and you can seamlessly switch between corporate and personal accounts. Itcovers expenditures, card approvals, compliance, budgets, and payments. You can also rely on it foranalytics, integrations, finance operations, and security. Expensifysupports integrationwith many commonly usedaccounting programslikeQuickBooks, Sage, Oracle, etc. The software supports automatic integration with financial institutions, credit cards, and other payment systems. While there are a lot of features that FreshBooks delivers using them remains easy.

Due to this, employees can accurately and quickly report expenses that can be tracked in real-time. Expense management works wonders for the math of time and money by saving you both. It automates the traditional practice of spending management and saves time for executives and managers.

Is Expense Management Software A Thing Of The Future For Organisations?

Automatic claim settlement means that the finance team will not have to go through countless old receipts. It saves countless hours from not having to approve each expense report manually. Further, it is an easy-to-use expense tracker that allows them to click photos of their receipts and store them away on the cloud for later use. It is a non-intrusive tool for on-field employees to make the management aware of productivity, mileage, etc. Useful blogs related to online free crm software system, Lead Management Software System and Invoice Billing. If executives make a mistake while applying a claim, they can revisit the application and correct it.

  • Eliminate duplicate costs by assigning one card to one vendor with a dedicated cardholder.
  • In this way, agencies can clearly retrieve all hours and costs at the end of the project and settle them accordingly.
  • Looking at your current automated software programs will tell you what features to look for in expense management software.
  • The best expense tracking software is the one that best suits your needs and budget.
  • You can take photos of your receipts and link them to each expense.

Webexpenses is a Software as a service company based in the UK, but which also operates in the US and Australia. The company has a range of products to help businesses manage expenses, corporate travel and invoice processing. It has around 300,000 customers¹ worldwide, and was acquired by cloud HR and talent management company ELMO Software in 2020¹. Companies benefit first and foremost from a great time saving when using expense management software – and that in many areas. In addition, Moss provides a comprehensive summary of all expenses and gives companies an optimal insight to help them keep track of their finances. The movement of the military, which may be internally or in a nation, is increasing due to various reasons such as the presence of military outposts and postings; international exercises, and U.N.

How To Choose Expense Management Software?

These issues can be hard to spot with manual systems, especially for companies with growing teams of field workers. These issues include missing information, slow approvals and approvals that are not reviewed thoroughly. This is a waste of time for employees, but it also makes employees wonder where their expense checks are (often while they’re already adding new expenses to the next period). To stay in business, all companies need to be able to pay their bills on time. Expense management is essential for any company with employees who do business outside the office. Even something as straightforward as a client’s lunch paid by an outside sales manager must be documented, approved, and reimbursed.

What is expense management software

Expenses can range from manufacturing, operating, financial, prepaid, and extraordinary, to accrued expenses. You also have emergency expenses that you cannot anticipate but make a provision based on past data. Expense management system is a useful tool for growing firms today. Their daily and monthly tasks like calculating salaries and incentives are on time. HR teams no longer sit in front of the calculator for hours to regularise and audit every penny.

What Is Business Intelligence Software And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

You don’t have to worry about synchronization as all is done automatically. TheGrowth plancomes at almost$9 per user per monthand it’s recommended for businesses with 50 plus users. It has the basic features of the platform and adds asecond level of approvals, per diems, and policy rules. Zoho Expenseintegrateswith various solutions—accounting software, CRM, HR, documents, financial platforms, and invoicing.The expense module works perfectly with other Zoho software. Among thethird-partyintegrations are those with QuickBooks, Xero, Forte, G-Suite, Slack, Evernote, etc. Theautomated approvalis another invaluable feature that will ensure efficiency.

What is expense management software

Integrations play animportant role in coordinating business processes. If your expense management system integrates with your CRM and accounting software you’ve saved time duplicating information from one source to the other. We’ve included integrations in the evaluation with exactly that in mind. Is your finance team tired after running around employees for missing receipts and information on a reimbursement claim or a card expense? Our submission policy easily solves this pertinent issue and allows admins to set mandatory validation fields on any card expense, claim, or payment made by employees. Once you have decided on the expense management software of your choice, it is time to introduce it into your technological stack.

Expense Management Process

That cuts on costs and risks that a traditional on-premise financial software can create. Sage Intacct is created to be modified without the need for programming skills. The design is sleek and the expense management app works well with other software through its many integrations.

It can be directly linked to accounting tools via interfaces so that expenses can be accounted for immediately and automatically for the next tax return – a real time-saver for everyone involved. For a company’s top performance, fast and functional processes are essential to effectively manage the business system. Expense management software helps companies to optimally standardise their expense management and save their employees, finance teams, and accounting department a lot of time.

Use The Dashboard To Know The Status Of Expenses At Any Time

The expense management solution is straightforward and simple and is best suited for the self-employed. Our expense management tool allows you to do everything you need all in one convenient and powerful place. From budgeting to receipt management and invoice processing and project management tools, the Project Pro expense report app lets you do it all. Expense management not only tracks employee spending but also determines how the organization will reimburse the costs incurred.

Our push notifications alert the first-level approver of the expense report. After necessary checks, they approve it, reject it, or ask for more information. Smartphone Camera Feature – Allows employees to capture their receipts by smartphone and upload them instantly to the dashboard.

You get the general reports and options to track miles and sales. QuickBooks allows users tocustomize their reports accordingto their needs. You’re able toset pre-determined timesin which the systemgenerates reportsso you don’t miss deadlines. QuickBooks hassmart filtersthat speed up browsing through the system and useautocompletewhen possible.

An automated expense management software not only eliminates the risks and hidden costs involved in expense reporting but also eases out the entire process. It also decreases unnecessary manual work for both your employees and finance teams. With Sage Intacct, you can easilyautomate the accounting process. The automation processes allow you tostreamline accounts payable. Most companies use expense management software to keep track of their employee spending, however, 43% of companies still manage expenses manually using spreadsheets and even paper. Manual input cuts into the employee’s time, the manager’s time, and the time it takes to process reports and reimburse employees’ spending through accounting.

Well, the expense monitoring solution offers convenience and peace of mind. Asset Tracking Solutions Keep a close tab on valuable consignments and assets from anywhere, at any time Sim-based Tracking Track and monitor vehicles in the remotest areas without internet connectivity. Route Planning Software Pick, plan and execute the best-optimised route. Driver Behaviour Monitoring Track the driving behaviour of your drivers and analyse their performance. The implementation took longer than expected, however now the product is up and running great. Overall, this product has dramatically reduced the resources needed for our AP entry and reconciliation.


ExpensePoint has afriendly user interface.Working expense tracker doesn’t involve hours upon hours of studying as the software is created to be intuitive and simple. ExpensePoint is very flexible and you can customize and update it whenever you need to. It now works withFinancialForce, Oracle, Intacct, Netsuite,, Sage, Myob, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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