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Around 14 percent of Jordanians are in poverty.

The conclusion of the Vedic period was the catalyst for the growth of Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism in India and the start of the great dynasties which were to be the rulers of India throughout the subsequent three millennia. Religion. Today, India was established in 1947 when the nation became independent of British Empire.

About 92 percent of Jordanians are Sunni Muslim, and Islam is the sole religion of Jordan. British Empire. The percentage has increased rapidly over the past few decades, as Christians made up 30 percent of the population in 1950. Did You Not Know? Today, only 6 percent out of Jordanians constitute Christians – predominantly Greek Orthodox, with smaller communities of various Orthodox churches. India is the seventh-largest nation by area and the second largest country in terms of population second only to China with a population of 1.32 billion. The remaining 22% of the population are predominantly Baha’i, or Druze.

1. Geography. Egypt. Jordan covers an area of 89.342 square kilometers (34,495 acres) and is not in a landlocked. Year of founding: c.6000 BCE Founder(s): King Narmer (aka Menes) Capital City: Cairo Current Population: (2017 census): 94,798,827 (2017 census) The city that is the only port is Aqaba which is located in Aqaba’s narrow Gulf of Aqaba, which runs into the Red Sea. Source of the photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The coastline of Jordan is just 26 kilometers roughly 16 miles. The it is believed that the ancient Egyptian civilization has its beginnings to 6000 BCE at the time that various groups of hunter-gatherers were settled at the Nile River Valley, Egypt’s first dynasty dates back to c.3100 BCE. To the east and to the south, Jordan borders on Saudi Arabia. In the same time frame, Upper and Lower Egypt were joined into a single state by King Menes — Menes can be described as the Egyptian word that means founder. several historians believe that the one of the founders of Egypt was a king named Narmer. To the west lies Israel as well as in the west is the Palestinian West Bank.

This means that it makes Egypt the most ancient country in the world. Along the northern border, there is Syria while to the east group lies Iraq. King Narmer was capable of establishing control over his entire length navigable of Nile in addition to establishing the city of his birth city in Memphis the city that was in the vicinity of the modern city of Cairo. Eastern Jordan is characterized by desert terrain, which is punctuated by oasis. This was the first of a string of dynasties who were to reign over Egypt for the next three millennia up until the time of Alexander the Great in 332 BCE. The western highland zone is more suitable for farming and is characterized by an Mediterranean climate and evergreen forest. The modern day Egypt was established in 1953, following an Egyptian Revolution of 1952.

The most elevated place located in Jordan is Jabal Umm al Dami, at 1,854 meters (6,083 feet) above sea level. Did You Not Know? The lowest point is Dead Sea, at -420 meters (-1,378 feet). Although Egypt has a substantial population but the majority of residents reside near the Nile River, where the only arable land can be found (about 40,000 sq km (15,000 sq miles)) Climate. The climate ranges across Mediterranean to desert as it moves east-west across Jordan. Europe Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma Market Overview and Scope Research Study, Research Study Future Trends, and the top players by forecast 2023-2033.

In the northwest the average is around 500 millimeters (20 inches) or rain falls every year, while in east, the average falls to 120 millimeters (4.7 inches). CRIFAX has released a report titled " Europe Metastatic Urothelial Cancer market , 2023-2033′ into their market research archive. Most of the rain occurs during the months of November through April. The report offers a comprehensive analysis of the major strategies for growth employed by top market players to stay ahead of their competition. It can be snowy at higher elevations. It is also a concise overview of the general market conditions that is associated with market’s growth.

The highest temperature recorded of Amman, Jordan was 41.7 degrees Celsius (107 Fahrenheit). Furthermore the market research report is focused on emerging trends, the recent mergers and acquisitions as well as growth analysis that is based on the regional regions, and challenges which could affect market’s growth in the coming years. The lowest recorded temperature was -5 degree Celsius (23 Fahrenheit).

The Europe Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma Market is anticipated to witness a substantial growth over the forecast period, i.e., 2023-2033.The increase in the market can most likely be explained by the rising demand for modern health care services among people living in the region, supported by the increasing population of different countries like that of United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, and Russia. Economy. According to statistics from the World Bank, the total population of the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, and Russia in 2021 recorded as 67326569. 67499343.

83129285 and 10415811, 17533405, 59066225, and 143446060. The World Bank labels Jordan an "upper middle-income nation," as its economic growth has grown slow but consistently at around 2 to 4 percent per year for the last decade. Download a Sample Report with Table of Contents and Figures:

The kingdom has a modest industrial and agricultural base, due in major part to its deficiency of clean water and oil. In Q4 2021the U.S. current-account deficit widened by $224.8 billion. Per capita, Jordan’s income per person is $6,000 US. In the first quarter of 22, CAD was up 29.6 percent, and reached $291.4 billion and added $66.6 billion more to that gap.

The official rate of unemployment is 12.5%, but the rate of youth unemployment is more like 30 percent. Exports of services and goods was up by $25.7 billion, bringing the total to $1.03 trillion during the quarter-one of the year 2022. Around 14 percent of Jordanians are in poverty. However, the country’s deficit for goods and services stood at $79.6 billion at the end of June.

The government employs more than half percent Jordanian workforce, though King Abdullah has decided to privatize industries. That’s which was down $5.3 million from $84.9 billion reported in May. adjusted to reflect some rays of relief. The majority of Jordan’s employees work in the field of service that includes finance and trade transportation, public utilities as well as other. In contrast, year-to-year inflation in the country was 8.5 per cent. Tourism in places such as Petra, which is a famous city.

Energy CPI was up 32.9 percent for July 20, 2022. increasing logistic costs and warnings of disruption in the supply chain, and electricity prices was up by 15.2 percent, the highest rate since February 2006. Petra makes up around 13% of Jordan’s total domestic production.

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